Introducing Chase Stine from “Love As It Seems” (Available June 1st)

I promised I would leave you a trail of tempting treats until Love as It Seems is available June 1st and here is one tasty morsel.

If Chase Stine were standing next to me, this gorgeous man, Gerard Butler, is who Chase favors in looks.


Chase Stine moved to America to mend a broken heart and a broken life.

For six years, he kept to himself and built his diesel business from the ground up. But his straight and narrow life has driven him to boredom.

The day he meets Chloe Frost changes everything.

Chloe is different from any woman he has ever seen or met. She’s no exceptional beauty, she doesn’t throw herself at him, and scolds his advances, but Chase is undeniably drawn to her. The more he gets to know Chloe, the more alluring she becomes.

Chase struggles with his feelings for Chloe. She’s married to the CEO of one of his biggest clients, Frost Enterprises and has been waiting eight months for her husband to come back to her. She doesn’t need anyone interfering with trying to save her marriage and Chase certainly doesn’t need the drama of her situation in his life.

But when Chloe’s husband demands divorce, Chase knows all too well how a broken heart feels and becomes the friend he never had. He wants to protect Chloe and ends up falling for her not sure if he can call it love.

Still his sexual attraction for Chloe runs deep and after they share one night together, the attraction escalates into something they both must refuse to recognize.

Almost Ready

With winter crashing into us every week, you’d think that hunkering down in a quiet corner would allow me to get this book done, but the corner I usually hunker down is so cold my hands freeze and the knuckles cramp up. Yet, I’ve managed to finish with the major edits and am now in the process of a run-through reading it out loud to make sure I have what the manuscript needs.

In between this, I’ve been thinking about an eye-catching book cover. For some reason, I was never wowed by book covers of beautiful people, so I’m looking for a few motifs to convey clues of the story. I made a list of things I want on the cover, but am having a hard time finding someone who has the ability to create what I want without me having to sell a kidney for payment. So, if you have any suggestions, I’m listening.

In a few days, I’ll work on drafting the blurb, and a short, clever synopsis. These tasks are never easy for me, but I must prevail. Of course, this is the first time, out of all three books, I have not become tiresome of the characters or plot during edits and that is a good omen.

This new book, Love As It Seems, has taken longer than usual because I want to be proud of it for the rest of my life. And am I asking for a miracle hoping the grammar mafia look past the imperfections of print because the story was greater than missing commas? Absolutely and that’s okay.

I’d like to shout out an appreciation to my fan base in Georgia for patiently waiting for this next story. I’ve been working hard to give you and all of my readers the best one yet, so you can see the extraordinary growth since 2012.

With that said, I should take this time to announce that Love As It Seems will be available June 1, 2015. I know that’s a long time to wait, but it’s worth it, you’ll see.

For your pleasure, I will tease and delight you with snippets of the characters and who has been my muse for their creation. You’ve already met Evan Pierce in an earlier post, but I will have more of him, too because he’s so darn sexy.

Until next time, stay safe and be warm!


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