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Love As It Seems by Audrey E King


Introducing the official new book cover of Love As It Seems, available June 1, 2015.

Sometimes, the one you want the most is the one you are best without.

        Chloe Frost dedicated her life to the family she started at a young age. Now that her children have grown, Chloe accepts her empty nest as an opportunity to spend more time with her husband, Daniel, but she can’t relight the spark in her marriage with polite phone calls alone. Chloe is desperate to get her husband back, that is, until Chase Stine captivates her with his rugged charm.

         It’s been six years since Chase left Scotland. Working hard to mend a broken heart turned out to be a startling reward for him, but there was something missing and one look at the overly conservative Chloe Frost made him realize that. Even though she’s the exact type of woman he swore to stay away from, Chase’s odd interest quickly becomes an obsession.

        All attention was on Chase as he stood at the front of the living room. He wasn’t shy or timid, but he wasn’t used to being on public display either. Nevertheless, he played the stage well and not just with his close to perfect looks and physique. His charisma filled the room, even though it was one of the most spacious rooms in the house.

       Chase didn’t notice the interest every single guest had in him as he picked up a present and shook it. But Chloe noticed. She leaned against the staircase in the back of the room and studied the man she loved.

       How could she have been so self-centered to let him go, knowing he was everything she needed and wanted? Chase had not said the words, but he had definitely shown his love for her in many ways only to be rejected by her every time.

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